Raegan Ford, founder and principal of her interior design firm Raegan Ford Interior Design, has spent more than a decade designing for discerning clients in Arizona. Drawing inspiration from both classic and modern sensibilities, Raegan Ford Interior Design creates visually simulating, yet highly functional designs. Raegan’s passion for design started at an early age. Growing up and living internationally, Raegan experienced living in Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Argentina, Peru and the Philippines. Her exposure to unique cultures, art, history and architecture was impactful, creating an interest in worldly design as well as a keen eye for incorporating a mix of design elements. Raegan’s signature style is a beautifully appointed home that integrates diverse design elements rendering sophisticated and timeless design. Believing that style and preference are unique to each client, Raegan takes the time to genuinely understand the client’s personality and lifestyle. She enjoys collaborating with her clients to create custom tailored projects, often incorporating a family heirloom or sentimental object into the design. Personalizing each project, Raegan uses the power of design to create an exceptional home that transforms her clients dream into a reality.